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In Memoriam

When I first met Toby thirteen years ago, I wasn’t much of a cat person.  Honestly, I didn’t really like cats at all.  I was still carrying over some bad associations from a set of strays that my family took … Continue reading

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Shades of Blue

Those of you who’ve been following my blog may have noticed that it’s been pretty quiet around here lately.  I’d started with the intent of writing a post a week.  I even managed to stick to it for a fair … Continue reading

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Monsters in the Dark

When I was a little kid, I was afraid of the dark.  I never would have admitted this at the time, of course.  That would have made me look like a little kid and such a show of weakness would … Continue reading

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Code Delphi, Start Here

So it would appear, perhaps even to an impartial observer, that I now have my very own blog.  Trust me, I’m at least as surprised as you are.  Probably more.  Honestly, until about a week ago, those aren’t words that … Continue reading

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