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Flash Fiction: Going Nowhere

“Boss, you think – ” “Shh!  Not so bleedin’ loud, ya damn fool!” “Sorry, boss.” “I don’t wantcha t’be sorry, I wantcha t’be quiet.  I’m tryin’ t’focus.” “…I don’t hear anything, boss.  Maybe they’re gone?” “Well, o’course ye don’t hear … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction: Cold Calculus

“No,” he stammered.  He even pointed his gun at her, though he knew full well that it wouldn’t do any good.  “No, I won’t do it!  You’re lying!” “Saul, I know you’re scared,” she said, like a parent telling a … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction: Stowaway

[Note: For those unaware, flash fiction basically just means a very short, encapsulated story.  There’s no hard-and-fast definition of just how many words counts as “very short”; some people cite a limit of fifty-five words, though I prefer a somewhat … Continue reading

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