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PSA: Don’t Spread the Plague

I’ve been miserably sick for the last week, which hasn’t left me much brainpower for writing or even thinking about writing.  So, all that you all are getting this time around is a short public service announcement.  People, please don’t … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction: Cold Calculus

“No,” he stammered.  He even pointed his gun at her, though he knew full well that it wouldn’t do any good.  “No, I won’t do it!  You’re lying!” “Saul, I know you’re scared,” she said, like a parent telling a … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction: Stowaway

[Note: For those unaware, flash fiction basically just means a very short, encapsulated story.  There’s no hard-and-fast definition of just how many words counts as “very short”; some people cite a limit of fifty-five words, though I prefer a somewhat … Continue reading

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Mass Affected

[Note: This post discusses Mass Effect 3, including its story and ending.  While I’ve tried to ensure that I keep things spoiler-free, if you’re concerned about such things then you may wish to skip this post for now.] Of all … Continue reading

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